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A Message to Aspiring Leaders

With just two weeks left of "Founders Month," I would like to share a message with you.

Dear Aspiring Leader,
Please know that leadership already lives in you. Connect with who you are, connect with history and the lessons of your ancestors; you will see what it means to lead, achieve and be all that you hope to be. Remember, your perspective is the key to unlocking all of who you are and all that you were born to be.

Life is a series of lessons, designed to build character and wisdom, guiding you to your proper place. Honor the past, embrace history, appreciate its lessons, and you will see that you already have what you need to succeed.

Rise, my friend, break the chains of your own ego and humble your way to your best you. This is your time. We need you! The world needs you!

Wishing you, peace, joy, and success
Tiffney T. Laing, Founder
Bevy & Dave