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Exploring History Through The Lens of Self-Leadership

Thank you for joining me for another edition of Bevy & Dave's Founders Month. You now know my “WHY,” for creating bevyanddave. Now, let’s further explore why self-leadership is the lens I use to share history. Self-leadership, the process of influencing one’s self, is Indeed the treasure that resides in everyone, and yet many people struggle to lead themselves to achieve.
My ancestor’s overall response to their oppression is one of the greatest examples of self-leadership; their achievements against all odds are remarkable. From them, I have learned powerful lessons on leadership, courage, strength, commitment, perseverance, faith, hope and so much more.
I am thankful for the privilege and honor to share their incredible stories with the world. With bevyanddave, children will gain a new perspective on history, develop self-leadership skills and be empowered to contribute their own best to society.