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Honor It!

There is power in honoring your authentic self. Being connected to who you really are is enlightening, refreshing and rewarding; It frees your soul, opens your heart and reveals your purpose. The best of you awaits your full acceptance of you.

Once connected with your inner being, prepare to experience clarity and the ultimate achievement of self-confidence and joy; enabling you to contribute your very best to society.

As the founder of Bevy & Dave, a history and leadership toy company, I chose to #honor one of my most cherished traits, the gift of encouragement. When I founded #bevyanddave, I provided myself with a platform to encourage children to be their best self. I use play to educate, inspire, motivate and empower children to contribute their best to society. Now that’s what I call maximizing the use of my gift of encouragement!

Whatever deserves recognition, #honorit ! Enjoy the freedom of being you. What’s your #honorit story?