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"How" Part II. My First Toy

How Part II. In this edition of Founders month, I will share how I created my first toy. This is my original design. Wow. I literally spent weeks trying to figure out what each letter would represent. Half of the block set includes self-leadership strategies and the other half represents a historical figure or event. I thought carefully about who and what to share on the “History Makers Puzzle Block Set.” Once I completed my design, I hired a few designers to bring my creation to life. That process took a while because the colors and other details had to be just right. I literally woke up at 3am just to work on all things Bevy & Dave.

After numerous drafts, my design was complete and the next step was to secure a manufacturer. The first functional prototype was not up to my standards so I went back to the drawing board, changed some things and secured another manufacturer that I felt could meet my requirements. The second time was the charm. I was happy with their work; soon after, I had it tested to meet the U.S. Safety standards. All was well! Months later, the product was available for you to purchase.