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"When” I finally understood with full clarity, my purpose.

In this segment of Founders month, I will share a personal experience with you. The day "When” I finally understood with full clarity, my purpose. Since childhood, I loved and appreciated history and leadership principles. In an effort to act on my passion, I pursued a doctorate degree with research focused on ways in which children learn and understand history and how that impacts student achievement.
However, research alone was not satisfying, I knew it was a distraction from a higher calling. I wanted to contribute to a tangible solution; so, I eventually moved on to figure it out. Months later, I received my breakthrough while attending the Oprah’s, “Life You Want Tour”. During and after the tour, confirmations and ideas were plentiful. I thought to myself, “Children learn through play!”
Once I received my breakthrough, I immediately got to work. Finally, I knew exactly what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be encouraged. Your day of clarity will arrive at the perfect time.