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"Where" I Began Research to Create my First Toy

In this edition of Founders Month, I will discuss where I began my research to begin the journey of creating my first toy. First, I surveyed parents to learn how they share history with their children. I then provided optional ways to explore history and asked them to select and rank their choices. Their responses helped me to decide what to do. The outcome showed books as the first choice and toys were second. Hence, this is why my first product includes not just an educational toy but a mini booklet as well.

As a history enthusiast, I love being surrounded by all things historic; it inspires me and uplifts my spirit. Thus, I spent a lot of time at the lovely Library of Congress, the largest library in our nation. Additionally, I joined industry associations/organizations and attended tradeshows to learn more about my new industry.

If you are an aspiring toymaker or creator, please know that anything you want to bring to fruition is in your reach; Just begin! I wish you well, You can do it!!!!!!!!!