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Grandparent Brand Ambassador

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It takes a village to raise a child. The Bevy & Dave community is a village on a mission to connect youth to Black history and raise leaders. The purpose of the Grandparent Brand Ambassador program is to build a strong community. As a Brand Ambassador, you will help raise the next generation of leaders by sharing Bevy & Dave’s mission and promoting our efforts with your communities (Ex: church, social organizations, social media platforms, ect.) 

Since launching in 2016, grandparents have always been our strongest supporters and largest customer base; we appreciate you and are seeking your wisdom and leadership. Whether you are retired or working, we know you will enjoy spending extra time devoting yourself to a movement greater than yourself. This is about the children, the next generation, lets uplift society together through Bevy & Dave.


Grandparents for Bevy & Dave!


Allison Walker has been a champion of young people all her life. She's a mother, grandmother, and to many, a favorite aunt. Allison is originally from Philly and currently resides in the Atlanta area with her son, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons, Maverick & Sebastian who affectionately call her GaGa!

She's been a youth group leader, an educator and a youth basketball coach for many years. Allison is incredibly passionate about making a difference in the lives of anyone with whom she comes into contact and young people hold a special place in her heart.



Carline is a grandmother to three young princes. They call her Yaya. As a grandparent, she believes we must teach our history to the youth, so that they can pass it onto the next generation. Carline Rucker has always had a passion to help young people.  She works for the Community College of Philadelphia and has guided, encouraged, and motivated several individuals throughout her lifetime.

Carline is also an active member for the Community Baptist Church of West Philadelphia and has helped to coordinate an outreach ministry program teaching summer camp to youth in the community.

Favorite wise quote "It takes a village to raise a child."

Sharon Lee is a mother, grandmother, auntie, foster parent, early childhood educator, and human service professional. Sharon was born and raised in New York City, and currently resides in Maryland. Sharon’s early childhood educator career spans 40yrs. She is also a Human Service professional whose career has afforded her the opportunity to serve at-risk communities in very diverse populations where literacy and cultural education has not been prioritized.

Sharon recently, launched a non-profit organization A2Z Family Services and is committed to providing literacy and cultural awareness opportunities to young children and their families, and to inspiring “village thinking communities”.

Her motto is: “Loving Our Little People to Excellence”