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Go fast alone. Go far together. My strategy to entrepreneurship

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African Proverb)

As a child, my mother said to me, “If there is something you want to do, don’t tell anyone, just do it.” I held on to her words of wisdom and used that as my approach to creating my first product. Once I realized what I was meant to do with my life, I had an immense burst of energy and a sense of urgency like never before. So, I moved fast and pretty much created my first product (#HMPBS) in secret. It was invigorating and gratifying not needing anyone’s permission to execute on my dreams. Having the opportunity, ability and means to solely act on my desire provided me with incredible peace and freedom. It also minimized confusion, distractions, delays and possible discouragement. This strategy to starting my business ( helped me go from concept to market in a year’s time.

Food for thought: Your dream is yours. If you want it to come to fruition, step out on faith and move quickly. You do not need an entourage to get started. Knowing what to share and what to keep to yourself can help propel you in your small business journey.

Once the first product was released on the market, I became open about my endeavors. At this point, my goal was achieved and the next step was to share #bevyanddave with the world. There is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Metaphorically, my new business was the child. In order for it to thrive, it needed a village which included not just me as its founder, but a community of people from different walks of life who believed in its mission. The community consists of supporters like families, volunteers, staff, customers, educators, followers, etc. A strong community can propel an organization further and help it realize its vision. Together, as a community of people who believe in the mission and possibilities of #bevyanddave, we can reach many children and transform lives.

Food for thought: An organization or product exists only to meet a need. Therefore, it can only go as far as the community allows. As a committed community, we can survive, thrive, and positively impact lives.