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Innovative Black history educational toys and games for the classroom

Innovative Black history educational toys and games for the classroom

Innovation in education helps to share and expand knowledge in the classroom and beyond. Embracing new techniques to help children learn is essential for keeping children engaged.

One of the best ways to educate children is through educational toys and games. Play to learn toys and games are effective because children learn through play and they need creative, exciting and engaging tools to capture their attention.

Children naturally cling to toys, it brings comfort and helps them discover and develop new skills. Along with boosting motor skills, concentration, coordination, patience, and helping kids develop tons of other essential skills that they would need to learn, learning with toys also helps them delve into their own culture.


Learning and educational toys boost cultural learning

Learning about one’s own culture and its diversity is as important as learning anything else, if not more. With our overall fast pace life styles, one’s culture is almost lost, forgotten, and often abandoned due to the many activities we are involved in unless you intentionally make time for it.  

A popular example is Black culture and history, which still remain in some courses, entirely suppressed, where all of its glories are subdued.

Yes, Black history is not all about oppression. The history of people of African ancestry that is being taught in schools, are rather one-sided, and biased, which tremendously affects the learning and the minds of the young generation.

It is to mitigate this problem and bring Black history to life that Bevy and Dave is formed. An award-winning manufacturer and supplier of multicultural creative educational toys and games, Bevy & Dave bring different types of educational toys and games, including educational alphabet toys, unique chunky wooden jigsaw puzzles, and more for children.


Bevy and Dave's Educational Toys and Games for Black History Furthers the Homeschooling Culture

The culture of homeschooling is flourishing all over the world. The adoption of this culture of learning at home has been prominently favored and advocated by the Black community. This is mainly because of the repeated examples of racial bias in the classrooms, and teaching materials.

With homeschooling, children now have access to a holistic view of Black history in the form of books, digital lab activities, short animation films and interesting play & learn educational toys that brands like Bevy and Dave provide.

Among some of the most innovative educational toys online, Bevy and Dave offers:


  • Wooden Jigsaw Bundle with Tote
  • Inventors Legacy Series I. 6 Piece Wooden Chunky Puzzle
  • Inventors Legacy Series I. 48 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  • History Makers 48 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with History Booklet
  • History Makers 30 Piece Wooden Puzzle Block Set
  • Grow With The Child Bundle
  • Digital online learning lab activities
  • Short animation films
  • Best Self: Self-Leadership and Discovery Journal


So, rather than waiting any longer, just reach out to Bevy and Dave’s fantastic collection of play to learn toys online for children’s delight!