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The Importance of Educational Toys: Fostering a Positive Self-Identity Through Play

Building a positive self-identity in kids is one of the most challenging aspects of child development. This is mainly because, unlike most of the other things involved in healthily raising your child, the concept of self-esteem is something that cannot be taught. At least not in a direct way. 

This is where educational toys can prove to be of immense help.

Educational toys, also known as instructive toys, are tools specially designed for children to promote learning. They come in a variety of different forms and are generally intended to meet a certain educational goal or to help children develop a particular skill.

Educational toys can help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as boost imagination and creativity in children. Toys such as puzzles can assist with hand-eye coordination and build fine motor skills at an early age.

Moreover, one of the most beneficial aspects of educational toys is that they can promote self-awareness and help build a positive self-image in children.

In case you are wondering why you need to worry about fostering self-confidence in your kids at an early age, take a look at the following reasons:

The Importance of Fostering a Positive Self-Identity at a Young Age

Developing confidence in children is essential because it gives them the ability to engage in new experiences and adjust to new environments – two things that are required at virtually every step of growing up.

Children with low self-esteem not only have trouble connecting with others outside their immediate family, but tend to disconnect themselves from their parents too.

If your child lacks confidence, they may have a hard time making friends. They can develop behavioral issues as they are likely to become more susceptible to feeling angry and frustrated. Children who don’t recognize their own strengths might not be willing to try new things, which can prove extremely detrimental to their overall growth. 

Using Educational Toys to Establish a Strong Self-identity

How do you increase your child’s self-esteem?

One of the best ways is to explore your family heritage together.  Your heritage serves as a center of values for your children and helps them identify with role models and real-life heroes. Plus, when your child takes pride in their roots, it becomes easier for them to adjust in a multicultural society

This practice is particularly important for African American families, when it comes to exploring Black history with kids, teachers, and parents are often faced with a dilemma. Most books and other 'educational' resources available for the subject present the topic in a rather negative light. Black history is usually reduced to slavery and oppression, and the real achievements of leaders are toned down or completely skipped over altogether.

This not only affects the way children perceive their ancestral background, but can also gradually culminate into feelings of low self-worth by themselves and from their peers.

Using culturally diverse educational toys to teach children about Black history is an incredibly helpful technique for boosting confidence. It enables children to be their own person by believing in their core values.

If you can empower your child to feel comfortable in their skin, you can rest assured that they will be able to make healthier choices and better handle the challenges in life.

Whether you are a parent who’s interested in tools that can assist with raising your child in a healthy manner, or a teacher looking for the best educational toys to make your classroom more culturally responsive, look no further than Bevy and Dave.

Bevy and Dave – Educational Toys

Bevy and Dave is a platform dedicated to raising confident and compassionate children who are proud of who they are. We are a team of visionaries on a mission to build great leaders for tomorrow – all by fostering a positive self-identity in children through the use of educational toys.

Bevy and Dave serves as a launchpad for parents and teachers to strive to ignite the spark of imagination in their kids. Our educational toys are specifically designed to create a sense of pride and purpose in children. They are not just tools for schools to teach Black history in a fun and productive way. Rather, our educational toys work as instruments to inspire and empower children to become the best version of themselves.

Although established not so long ago, Bevy and Dave is becoming increasingly popular both within and beyond the Black community. Bevy and Dave’s educational toys have been featured in various media platforms in addition to being nominated for multiple awards. Given the effectiveness of our toys in imparting knowledge in a unique and engaging manner, Bevy & Dave won the 2018 Product of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine as well as the Family Choice Award in the same year.

We are changing the narrative of Black history, and we invite you to join our cause. Together, we can build the next generation of leaders who not only respect their own background, but also value diversity in others.

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