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Summer Learning Series - Go and Explore!

Learning can happen in a variety of forms and experiential learning tends to be the top most memorable experience when it comes to learning. One great way to learn is to go somewhere, be it historical, scientific, or artisan. (We really recommend somewhere historical). We can go on a journey, or have an adventure in our own backyards. There are so many places to explore!

Matthew Henson took his exploration to new distances. He is known as one of the first people to visit the North Pole, and is credited as being the co-discoverer of the North Pole. Click here to read more about Matthew Henson.

You can also check out Matthew Henson on our History Makers Puzzle Block Set!


Take a look at local sites to see where your family can visit. There are many historical sites, parks, gardens, and science centers. You can even check with your local public library to see what community events are happening in your area.

 Some good places to visit:


~Public Library for events

~Historical Sites

~Science Centers

~Nature Parks

~Botanical Gardens

A quick internet search of “historical sites near me” will show some places nearby that you can visit. With summer vacation coming to a close, it is a good time to do a final day trip and go somewhere new.