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Summer Learning Series - Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a major fear of many people. And yet, it is something we find ourselves doing throughout our schooling and into our careers. Like with anything, people’s fear of speaking publicly can decrease with practice. Confidence comes with experience, and experience comes through practice.

Maria Stewart had the confidence to become a public speaker. Stewart is known as the first woman to speak publicly on politics. She continued giving speeches and writing throughout her life. Click here to read about Maria Stewart.


Activities for Public Speaking:

For these activities, it is good practice to have everyone stand when they speak. It will help mimic situations when your child will need to do presentations in front of their class.

~Have your child present one of their favorite memories from the week or the summer. Ask them to explain why that memory was their favorite.

Take turns as a family! Have everyone share their favorite memory from the week.

~You and your child can take turns presenting your favorite things. You can bring an item up to the front of the room and share what the item is and why you like it.

~Has your child been asking for something they really, really, want? Why not ask them to give you, or the family, a presentation about what they want and why they want it so badly?

~If your child has been reading, ask them to give you a short verbal report about the book they read? Ask them what they liked about the book, and what they didn’t like.