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Summer Learning Series - Reading

Reading is an important part of life. From reading text on a screen to reading important notes and documents, to reading textbooks and story books, we read things all the time.


Paul Laurence Dunbar was taught to read by his mother and found a deep love for poets like John Keats and William Wordsworth. His love for reading extended into his schooling where he was president of his school’s literary society. Dunbar’s love of reading, especially reading poems, led him to become a published poet. Click here to learn more about Paul Laurence Dunbar.


Reading can help people find their passions. Dunbar was inspired to be a poet himself, while others find a fascination with history, science, or mysteries. Reading also helps people with their writing skills and their vocabulary. Plus, it’s a fun past time!


Activities for Reading:


~Take your child to a library or a book store and have them pick out some stories that interest them. 


~You can also challenge your child to read a book they might not normally read. Do you have a fiction lover? Try a non-fiction book for kids or a poetry book instead.


~Create your own reading club with your child! Both of you pick a book for the two of you to read. Then you can discuss what you liked and didn't like about the book.



Is your child still not interested in reading?


Sometimes it’s hard to find the time between playing and school and all the other extracurricular activities. It’s sometimes even harder to pull your child away from whatever screen they are staring at. You can set a compromise this summer. For every minute of reading they do, you can give them a minute in front of their favorite screen. For example, 15 minutes of reading for 15 minutes of video games.


Another incentive idea is to reward your child for completing more challenging books. For every milestone they reach, you can offer them a reward of some sort- a new toy, a new game, time with friends, or a candy bar.