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Summer Learning Series - Science

Science, the “S” in STEM and STEAM, is a popular subject lately. Science brings about a better understanding of the world and universe around us. With a better understanding, we make advancements, and create the things that have made our lives easier – cars, cell phones, electricity, and medicine!

Percy Julian was a chemist who made his career teaching others and doing his own research. Julian’s research led “to the chemical synthesis of drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis”. Click here to read more about Percy Julian.

Percy Julian is one of the amazing people you can learn about on our History Makers Puzzle Blocks Set!


~Learn to code – Coding is becoming a popular thing to learn for kids. Coding can be fun and there are many apps and sites available to teach kids how to code without it seeming like a chore. Mommy Poppins has gathered a list of websites that can teach coding to kids. Click here to view the list. At & T also created a  guide that gives educators a resource to introduce the basics of coding on a safe and fun website. Click here to view.

~Read a book – A way to learn about science without making a mess is to read! There are many great books that teach kids about science and the world around them. The books range in topics from archaeology to astronomy, from plants to medicine!

"We Are Teachers" put together a list of some of their favorite science books for kids. Click here to see their recommendations.

Booksellers might have their own lists, and some libraries will put out books they recommend on science.

~Try some experiments of your own! – Tornado in a bottle, the potato clock, or the baking soda volcano are popular experiments that people have done for years. However, there are many other at-home science experiments that use everyday items. Mommy Poppins has gathered a list of 50 science experiments that use household things. Click here to see the household science experiments.

Want to try something different? There are many science kits offered in stores that cover a wide range of topics.