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Summer Learning Series - Writing

Writing is a critical skill that helps people communicate and share ideas. Words have the ability to take us to another place and time. All writers started writing simple sentences and found a love of writing and a unique voice all their own.

Phillis Wheatley found a love of writing and understood the importance of the written word, becoming a published poet at age 13. Click here to learn more.

Being able to write well helps convey ideas and avoid misunderstandings. Writing well is an important skill that is needed in school, at work, and in our personal lives. Like any other skill, a person’s writing can get better with practice.

Activities to practice writing:

Writing exercises should be done periodically. Set a minimum length (a paragraph, a page) and a frequency (daily, weekly) for your child to write.

~Ask your child to write about something he or she recently learned. Sometimes when someone learns something, they can forget it. But, writing it down can help keep it in your memory. Keep the writing going by asking your child to share why this was something interesting to learn.

~Ask your child to create a short story. Whatever comes to mind, write and share it.

~Think of a poem, write down the words, then share it with all the world! The poem can be about an experience, a memory, something silly, or something from the heart. Phillis Wheatley would be proud.

~Ask your child to keep a journal of their summer experiences. It could make that first day of school assignment a piece of cake!